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Thursday. Yup, that’s today. Another week just about over. Did you know that today is National Grammar Day?! Woohoo! Does that mean bad grammar is fair game? Uh-oh. Best get out my flame-proof underwear (forget the Kevlar … I’m much more afraid of people who want to defend their right to bear bad grammar!)

There are some really funny examples of grammar goofs out there, too. I liked the church bulletin board sign that read, “Don’t let worry kill you. Let the church help.” Apparently there are a lot of people working in churches with a tenuous grasp on grammar, as I’ve seen a lot of really funny goofs in church bulletins and on signs.

Some other funny grammar mistakes I’ve found on the Internet:

From Burger King, “It takes many ingredients to make Burger King great but, the secret ingredient is our people.” So that is what the creepy plastic king dude has been up to! Soylent King is people!

A warning at a Safari park, “Elephants Please Stay In Your Car.” Wouldn’t want those elephants wandering around the park loose, now, would we? I want to know what model car they’re driving. Must be roomy.

This appeared in the Times, and was intended as a brief description of a Peter Ustinov documentary: “highlights of his global tour include encounters with Nelson Mandela, an 800-year-old demigod and a dildo collector.”  Wow. Just … wow. And you know the person who wrote that gets paid more than I do.

From The Grammar Vandal:

This hurts on so many levels … !

And from the Gallery of Unfortunate Restaurant names:

This reminds me of something from that Austin Powers movie! I wonder if the noodles are fat, too? Would you be caught dead walking into that place if you were the least bit overweight? I don’t think I would.


Um, yeah. Okay. This kind of goes right along with Tracy’s “truncated book title” post (What color is your P). Just don’t get the lemonade. Or the chicken broth. Or … oh, never mind. (or is that nevermind?)

I’m left with a distinctly “Ewwww” feeling.



And one last from The Grammar Vandal, my new best friend: An argument on a “Good Grammar is Hot” website …

I will leave you now. Chuckling.

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