Silver Justice, by Russell Blake

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Multiple storylines add a sense of verisimilitude to Russell Blake’s story of a dogged FBI agent, her troubling daughter, and a mysterious murderer killing top financiers. A touch of romance is added when Silver brings in a good-looking financial analyst to look for patterns in the crimes. And lots of touches of gentle wisdom arise from Silver’s relationships with others.

Of course, all the murders are connected. And, of course, once a good plan of action is made, the powers that be won’t want to implement it. (Actually, I had an entirely different idea of what the connection might be and was frustrated that no one mentioned it, but that’s just me.) Silver and her new colleague’s idea just might pan out, but danger strikes a little too close to home and things go awry.

The threads of various sub-plots tie together in the end offering a pleasing sense of completion. And the insights into the world of finance, while rather long and detailed, are certainly fascinating. Best is the dialog, well-timed and building into pleasing relationships. Silver, divorced single mom juggling money troubles, kid troubles, ex-husband troubles and a high-profile job, makes a well-drawn strong protagonist. Her rebellious daughter’s pleasingly real. Her colleagues offer a convincing blend of helpful and annoying. And the tie-in to recent events and financial disasters lends a pleasing, and somewhat concerning immediacy to the tale.


Disclosure: I received a free ecopy of this novel as a gift from the author.

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