Silver Orb UFO Formation Filmed in SC (Video)

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A silvery orb UFO was filmed in South Carolina in broad daylight on Monday. What makes this sighting so exceptional is the number of orbs captured on tape, with dozens dancing across the morning sky. What are they?

The YouTube user, J7409, is clearly spooked by what he filmed right outside his window. The objects appear skittish on screen, but this time it’s not shaky camera work to blame. The orbs themselves are flying erratically, but with obvious control as dozens of the unidentified flying objects jitter in and out of frame.

The witness provides lively commentary and is clearly shaken by the experience. He states he’s never seen anything like this before and the images are hard to explain by any known means; they’re that unusual. Any known aircraft flying like this would tear itself to bits.

With some fair video editing tools on hand, the witness is able to slow down the action and even freeze frame one UFO, which doesn’t really help to solve the mystery, only to deepen it.

Here’s the video:

What do you think? Is this a UFO? Or can it be explained another way?

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