Simon Cowell Blasts Nicole Scherzinger on ‘The X Factor’ USA

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Simon Cowell is known for being gruff. But his remarks to Nicole Scherzinger on The X Factor USA during the live show on Wednesday goes way beyond simply gruff.

While the target for Simon has typically been Paula Abdul, Cowell appears to have picked the new judge as the person at whom he is going to keep throwing his verbal darts, as he did during this broadcast.

Here’s what happened: Contestant Rachel Crow switched up some lyrics in her performance of Walking on Sunshine at the request of Simon Cowell. So, when it came time for Nicole Scherzinger to give her opinion as a judge for the TV talent show, she said she prefers the original version.

That set Simon off, talking down (way down) to his colleague by saying, “Nicole, darling, that’s called being inventive.”

Standing firm on her own conviction, Nicole disagreed. As she attempted to defend her opinion, Cowell interrupted her to remark, “Nicole, adults are trying to speak here.”

A loud gasp could be heard coming from the audience as Scherzinger simply shrugged off the tough talk. And although this may not bother this fresh X Factor USA arbiter, it sure did bother those who witnessed the interchange on live TV.

What do you think? Should Simon Cowell watch what he says to Nicole Scherzinger on The X Factor USA? Should he show more respect to his cohort, or is this just the mean judge’s way of making “good” TV? Thoughts?

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