Simon Cowell Confirms He Will Leave American Idol After This Season and Bring X-Factor to America on FOX.

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This just in: Simon Cowell has signed a deal to bring the the United Kingdom’s popular talent competition X-Factor to America.  He will be both a producer and a judge like he is on the UK version.   The announcement and signing occurred at The Critic’s Association (TCA) Press Tour where Simon signed the contract on stage.   In conjunction with this announcement, Simon made it clear that the 9th season of American Idol (starting Tuesday January 12th) will be his last.  “We did talk about me staying on both shows but when we looked at the practicalities of that, it was impossible,” Simon told the press.   Simon went on to explain that even though he does not own American Idol, like he does X-Factor, he wants them both to succeed and co-exist.  “I’m confident [American Idol] will continue to be the No. 1 show. Everyone is committed to keeping it that way.”

X-Factor, is a similar show to American Idol in that it is a musical talent competition.  The most famous winner of the UK version is Leona Lewis who has become a global star.  X Factor groups contestants into Solo singers ages 14-24 (boys), 14-24 (girls), over 25 solo singers, and vocal groups. American Idol has contestants that range from 16-28 only and no groups.

Rumors have already surfaced that Simon is looking to get Paula Abdul involved.  Could she be potentially a judge at the table with Simon?

It will be very interesting to see how American Idol and X Factor co-exist in the future.  Maybe they will air during different times of the year.  I know that I saw Paula Abdul’s exit from American Idol as the beginning of the end.  Regardless of what the powers at be say, Simon’s exit from the show will be a painful hurdle for them to overcome.

More exciting gossip to follow!  What does everyone think of this announcement?

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