Simon Cowell is being Sued for hurting Feelings of Former Contestant.

Simon Cowell, well known for his no holds barred comments on American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent, is being sued over his comments after one woman.’s performance. Emma Amelia Pearl Czikai was a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent, and feels she was degraded on the show.

Photo by: Quasar/ 2010 5/26/10 Simon Cowell at the 2010 American Idol Season 9 Grand Finale. (Los Angeles, CA) Photo via Newscom According to Fancast, she said “This program makes a select number of rich people very very rich on the backs of the ordinary man and woman in the street through exploitation, humiliation, degradation and a reemergence of modern-day barbarism.” Czikai is seeking 3.8 million in damages in British courts.

For viewers, the show is about watching good performers, and watching the judges eviscerate the bad ones, or the ones that give  a bad performance. Czikai should have known this prior to trying out for the show. Just turning on the TV to the show, before attempting to perform on it, should tell her that.

Czikai says she will donate any winnings to charity. Perhaps this is her way of getting her 15 minutes of fame. So what do you think about all this? Chime in with a comment and be sure to watch the link below.

Click here to see her performance

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