Simon Cowell, Snooki a Match Made in Heaven?

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Simon Cowell made an offhand comment on his new (in the United States) show ‘X Factor’ that may have left some people scratching their heads. It seems like Cowell wants to take a trip to the Jersey Shore.

Simon said, “Ever since I watched ‘Jersey Shore,’ I had to go to New Jersey.”

The question is this: What exactly did Simon Cowell expect to find in New Jersey? Was he going to find some awesome talent for ‘X Factor’ there, or was he hoping to find Snooki or Snooki-like people to audition for his talent show.

Simon’s formula on both ‘American Idol’ and ‘X Factor’ is to not just find great talent, but to also find the craziest or worst possible talent and basically make fun of them on national television.

Simon Cowell was looking for a bunch of poof-wearing, overly bedazzled Guidettes (and Guidos) to put on his show. Perhaps if he was really serious, he would bring Snooki on his ‘X Factor,’ but he probably is not, unless he wants to use her as a punching bag.

Sadly, both Simon Cowell and Snooki have one thing in common. They have both become huge attention whores. Somehow, Simon might have underestimated the power of Nicole Polizzi. Match made in heaven, hardly! That is unless one counts ‘obnoxious’ as a desirable match-making trait.

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