Simon Cowells Mean?

A woman in Britain got plastic surgery because of a remark Simon Cowell made.  First, I have to ask, who is Simon Cowell?  I don’t necessarily disagree with him about his brutal honesty, but to drive a woman to plastic surgery is a bit extreme.  Someone, first of all needs to tell me, who Simon Cowell is?  He appeared one day on American Idol, and now, he is making and breaking people’s lives.

Secondly, I believe so much of what he is says is brutally honest, but women are so fragile, and for that matter so are men, and a comment that would drive a person to plastic surgery, might also drive a person to suicide.

Would you have plastic surgery?  I ask because I got a haircut today, and my daughter hated it.  I immediately redid the hairdo until it pleased her, and then I read this.  If my daughter’s opinion is crushing, what would a public embarrassment like a tongue lashing from Simon Cowell do to a person?

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