Sing a Song of Love when the Warlock Beckons (Tercetonine) – Saturday Writing Essential

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Sing a Song of Love when the Warlock Beckons (Tercetonine) – Saturday Writing Essential


When my spirits sink too low

The warlock’s on the prowl, I know

His scheming dart could tear my soul apart


Rejoice he does in his evil deed

Spreading monstrous lies and his creed

Of hate, which, he claims, should be our fate


So with great abandon and the utmost glee

He offers his deceitful words, enticing me

“I’ll teach you what I preach”


“Try out some sweet revenge

Your wounded heart thus to avenge

Choose to hurt and punish to a finish”


Depart from me, you ugly creep

Before I make you weep

With my loving song all day long!



September 2013 © irina dimitric 2013


Saturday Writing Essential 28 September 2013

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