Singer Adele Terrified of Ghosts, Believes Her New Mansion Is Haunted

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Adele just moved into a massive new mansion in the British countryside, but now the singer is reportedly freaked out about ghosts. Is the house haunted? She thinks so, and she doesn’t want to ever be alone in it. Like any mega-wealthy celebrity, the singing sensation has hired someone to move in with her, so she always has company. At least if a ghost pops out, she has someone she can scream with, right?

According to the British newspaper The Sun, the 10-room, $11 million mansion in rural England makes some spooky-sounding noises. The house used to be a convent, by the way. It’s really old. Could these noises that are terrifying Adele just be sounds made by a huge, old house settling? It’s not out of the question.

The Sun quotes a friend as saying that Adele said, “I’m not rattling around here on my own. It gives me the creeps.” Apparently, she’s NOT rattling around alone inside the pricey mansion—the ghosts are too! Her solution: Hiring a female driver to live with her in the house. At least she won’t be alone. She might want to consider hiring a medium, too!

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