Singing Dog: Bronx Couple Gets Eviction Warning – No Pet Policy Violated!

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A singing dog could get a Bronx couple evicted. Neighbors of Rita and Murray Hyman say their dog, Rocky, was breaching a Bonnie House co-op no pet policy. The singing will have to end because the dog shouldn’t be there in the first place.

The Hymans fought back by reasoning that the singing dog could stay at their place. Rocky belongs to their daughter who does not live in the apartment. She brings Rocky over for visits and likes to sing along with Rita when she sings.

Additionally, Rita was disabled in a car accident and Rocky’s singing has kept her motivated to live. Rita stated, “Rocky gives me a whole different outlook on life and keeps me going. TheyÂ’ve hurt me so much by taking away our special relationship, who will I sing with?”

As for Murray, he’s a Holocaust survivor. The singing dog has been a good companion. Murray stated, “I need to see him so that I’m not so lonely.”

It’s obvious the Hymans need Rocky. He is therapeutic and brings joy to their lives. Why not allow Rocky to continue his good work with the Hymans? They’ve lived a long life. Shouldn’t they be allowed to enjoy their twilight years in the company of a dog?

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