Single Brew Coffee Market May See a New Competitor in Starbucks

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Starbucks has been steadily sneaking its way into the retail coffee business. It looks as if Starbucks might be in partnership talks with Green Mountain.

Green Mountain is currently the top manufacturer of the single brew coffee machines with their Keurig brand. These coffee makers are becoming more and more popular.  The prices of these types of machines are becoming more affordable, as more companies get into the manufacturing of the single brew machines.

Starbucks sees the possibilities of jumping into this market. Soon, Starbucks coffee lovers may be able to have their own Starbucks brewing stations right in the comfort of their own home.

A Reuters article talks more specifically about the partnership speculation. Apparently, investors also like the idea of Starbucks getting into the market. This gives the company a new revenue source that could be very profitable for them.

The announcement of this possible venture of Starbucks caused their stock to rise today by 23 cents per share to $33.58. Green MountainÂ’s stock also jumped $2.89 a share, to end at $46.35.

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