‘Single Ladies’ 7 Year Old: Is the Gyrating and Hip Popping Way TOO Sexy & JT/SNL’S ‘Single Ladies’ also TOO Sexy? [Video]

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‘Single Ladies’ 7 Year Old: Is the Gyrating and Hip Popping Way TOO Sexy? & JT/SNL’S ‘Single Ladies’ also TOO Sexy?

 The shocker and horror of sweet Miley going Lindsay Lohan bad is already more than enough for anyone with a pulse and a conscious too witness. Lohan’s gone from Disney to Deep Throat almost overnight. With a filmography looking more everyday like a tragedy it is anyone guess where this troubled former child star will get up to next. Did anyone ever imagine they would see Miley tonsil swapping just about every guy she is seen around for more than 5 minutes.

Where is adorable Hanna Montana? Not to mention the lap dance video to further make the hairs on the back of your neck salute. Now an innocent seven year old young dance troupe performing Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ at a contest in Pomona, CA . Their performance came complete with the hip popping, back bending, side to side shoulder swaying and everything else in between gyrating.

Can’t imagine who choose that particular song and what the thought process behind teaching such young and impressible children such a provocative dance could have been. But, what is clear is that it has raised both the eyebrows and temperatures leading to some of the most heated online debate and backlash. The dance troupe Precision Dance are aged between seven to nine years old. They can be seen wearing hot pants, bra-style tops, and thigh-high stockings for this particular performance. Perhaps, kids should be allowed way more time to just be kids and let adult stuff stay strictly off limits.

“There has been a great deal of controversy regarding this performance, and it has been taken out of context. It is a little sensitive now, to say the least,” a rep for the dance competition tells PopEater.

Some say it is cute and others watch with utter disbelief. Watch the video clip and decide for yourself. Personally, the Justin Timberlake and SNL version is far more entertaining then the Beyonce official video release. Hummmm! These girls are FANTASTIC! But, maybe less sexy in the routine would have been best.

Learn more about this dance this amazing dance troupe Precision Dance here.


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