Single Ladies 7 year olds video – girls dance to Beyonce song controversy (YouTube)

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The latest controversial video to make the rounds on YouTube shows the Single Ladies 7 year olds dance routine.  The dance in question is to Beyonce’s hit single “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”.  The girls dancing in the video are wearing what are likely to be called “skimpy outfits”. They are just seven years old and are doing their own dance moves which many call provocative and unsuitable for their age.  After all the girls are only in first grade and the song’s chorus repeats “if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it”.  The original Beyonce video features Beyonce and two other dances gyrating and prancing around in a black and white video.  The one Kanye West called the best of all time.

According to the Headline News program Showbiz Tonight, the girls were 8 and 9 years old and competing in the World of Dance Urban Dance competition.  A CNN video report shows some of the parents responding to this viral video.  Two parents on Good Morning America said the kids were wearing dance clothes, with one parent saying this performance wasn’t meant for the audience it’s now been shown to.  The famous Dr. Phil added his two cents on the Anderson Cooper 360 show, saying the video is “Grand Central Station” for pedophiles.  Jane Velez-Mitchell disagreed saying we need to “stop projecting our own sexuality and adult sensibilities onto this innocent dance.”  Watch the CNN video report here.

So is this dance routine by these young girls too sexy, too soon?  If this is over the top, then who’s to blame?  The parents who allowed the choreography and outfits to go on, or whoever allowed this performance to go forth on the stage?  It’s definitely not Beyonce’s fault for being a grown woman who recorded a hot song and hotter video.  After all, Beyonce didn’t include 7 year old dancers in her version.  Maybe another question is What would Beyonce think?  I’m sure we’re just moments away from finding out.

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