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Nicole wasn’t up for much today; her mind was on other things. The word ‘single’ kept repeating and echoing in her mind like ill spoken word in a cravenness room which was now filled with a few empty picture books that once contained memories.

If she could only straighten out her thoughts, stop the word from repeating over and over like a broken record player, than perhaps she could write about her feelings. Write about the black pit, the hole in her heart which he had left when they finished their love. The loss of a love once felt and the cold wind that now blew upon her skin, reminding her that she was now alone in the world. Alone, single…. there was that word again, striking home its message that she was one without love.

But how could she write abut this when at best she felt numb. Nicole knew what she should be feeling, sad, lonely and grief stricken. She should feel a hole in her heart, feel that she had no where to turn, feel the cold wind of loneliness upon her skin. But there was none of this. Not even the emptiness of the void which his leaving should have left.

There was none of this, only a feeling that his weight had been lifted from her, its lifting leaving her with one word ‘single’. It still swirled around her mind, but brought with it a hope filled light that promised a new start and freedom.  

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