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I belly up to her bar again –

that surreal buffet where I am served

a bounteous rasher of mystic delights -

a mixture of forbidden love, bestial lust

and mythic creatures

possessing, oppressing, confessing delicious sins -

words strung together

with threads of gold and silver

punctuated with rubies, diamonds, pearls

and all manner of things

that glitter – entice –enthrall –

her characters, both base and divine, come alive

in a commingled brew of deity and demon

the image of us all, in spite of what we aspire to be -

she writes of things that shock and seduce

things that touch us deep in our lustful core

in places the prim and proper deny exist

but do – in us all

she sends her words, as if by edict,

be it dark or divine,

to entice and enable our feral nature -

she knows the beast clamors to be free

to feed on the timid part of us

that holds the key to its chains -

all ilk of passions rise as I read her words,

a menstruous flow of passion penned

in the rich, red, boiling blood of desire -

they sweep away pretentious façade

and leave me raw – hungry – wanting -

tinder on the smoldering coals of my need

I long to understand the mind

of she that creates these urges in me -

yea, in all who feast upon the

satyr of our desirous gluttony

and yet, I have seen a picture of her asleep,

her grandchild sleeping, contented, on her breast,

a glimpse behind her own facade

and know her heart is tender  -

it aches and loves -

just like mine


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