Sirhan Sirhan Says He Didn’t Kill Bobby Kennedy in 1968

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Sirhan Sirhan is in prison for the murder of Bobby Kennedy in 1968. Wow, it seems like only a few years ago JFK’s brother was killed. Now his lawyers say he didn’t do it. Supposedly they have new evidence that the wrong man is behind bars. How many people in prison say they don’t belong there? There is always the possibility that there are people in prison who are innocent. There are flaws in the system after all. But in this case, is the man in prison for Bobby Kennedy’s murder not guilty?

According to those same lawyers, Sirhan Sirhan was hypnotized to shoot Bobby Kennedy. Why would someone do that? Obviously they think it was done so that the ‘real’ gunman, in a different area, was able to shoot Kennedy and kill him. Four men, including Robert F. Kennedy, David Dubinsky, and Louis StulbergInteresting theory, now let’s see what the evidence is and why it took all these years to come to light. Wouldn’t you think if there was evidence it would have been brought to the court’s attention a long time ago?

According to Today’s THV, court papers have been filed asking for a new trial or the release of Sirhan Sirhan. What do you think about this? Is this just a ploy for a new trial or is it possible what the lawyers are saying is true?

Is history going to be re-written?

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