Siri Banned by IBM as a Spy

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Apple’s Siri is being banned by IBM—at least in the workplace—because employees are not aware that the service is (unintentionally?) transmitting sensitive company data to the iCloud.

Despite years of battling competitors for the hearts and minds (and souls?) of its workers (it’s like parking a brand new Toyota in a Ford employee lot), IBM has found it hard to disallow high-tech devices like Blackberrys and iPads by its own people.

Incredibly, it seems that would harm productivity.

But they’re drawing a line in the sand when it comes to the voice recognition software proving to be a tremendous hit and drawing card for Apple fanatics.

Not everyone is aware that devices like Siri transmit voice data to a cloud server to improve recognition and get “smarter” over time.

But that also means that Apple ends up storing sensitive IBM information, perhaps even trade secrets, on the data servers dedicated to that evolution.

“We’re just extraordinarily conservative,” IBM Chief Information Officer Jeanette Horan tells Technology Review. “It’s the nature of our business.”

It seems incredible to believe that such tech-savvy people wouldn’t be aware of the harm they may be doing to their own company by releasing sensitive information to its most dangerous rival.

Maybe Steve Jobs really was an evil genius after all…

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