Siri Down: Apple iPhone 4S Virtual Assistant Taking Afternoon Off?

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“Attention Siri down” may be what some iPhone users want to say today. Apple’s new virtual assistant has taken a day off, and she did not even call in sick. This is further frustrating iPhone 4S users who are already dealing with short battery life problems.

Siri Down: Apple iPhone 4S Virtual Assistant Taking Afternoon Off?Actually, Siri did not take the day off. Instead, she is responding with “I’m sorry, I’m having trouble connecting to the network.” That’s right. The virtual assistant has to connect to an external network to work, and that’s not happening today.

So far, news of Siri down has been reported since about 12:30 EST. Apple has not confirmed it, but users are certainly letting their voices be heard. Could this have anything to do with the iOS 5 problem that is draining battery life on the new iPhone 4S? If so, the fix is not coming today or tomorrow. It will be “soon.”

The Siri service has been down, now, for over 3 hours, which is unusual. It seems likely that something is going on. Hopefully she’ll be back soon because she really is quite useful, and iPhone 4S users have grown to quickly rely on her.

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