‘Sister Wives’ Celebrate Halloween This Week on TLC

It may be nearly Spring, but for the Sister Wives, Fall is in full force as the family gets ready for the Halloween. In “Carving into Polygamy,” the Sister Wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, set aside their legal troubles in order to create a great holiday tv,sister wivesexperience for their kids. But scaring up fun in this household is hard work. There are 16 kids who want to go trick-or-treating, 21 colorful costumes to be made, and 24 great pumpkins.

ThereÂ’s a vampire, a mobster, an angel, even the Sister Wives get in on the fun with crazy costumes of their own, but Kody steals the spotlight with his wacky hair-do. Get out your face paints and join in with AmericaÂ’s first family of polygamy on Sister Wives.

Now hereÂ’s a sneak peek clip from this weekÂ’s episode.

Though it may seem like it’s all happy times in the Brown house, the family recently had to deal with an investigation by the authorities in Utah. Still, they told ABC Nightlight that the action hasn’t changed their minds about going on TV. They say they overall, it’s been a very positive experience, one they hope has changed people’s minds about polygamy.

Watch an all new episode of Sister Wives this Sunday, April 3 at 9pm on TLC.

Photo: TLC

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