‘Sister Wives’ Episode Recap: A Fifth Wife, IVF and Very Personal Questions (Video)

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This week on Sister Wives, two new episodes were featured. The first episode was a normal episode in which Kody took Meri to Mexico on a vacation while the other wives remained at home to care for the children. In the second episode, Kody, his four wives and some of the teen children answered viewer questions.

The First New Episode

In the first new episode, viewers got a chance to see the adventurous side of Meri. She and Kody did lots of fun things while they were on their trip. Meri even comments that one woman was “cute.” That is how Meri described Robyn before Kody started courting her. Don’t worry, they aren’t even considering a fifth wife at this point.

Toward the end of the episode, however, Meri got a little emotional when Kodi asked her about the IVF procedure and surrogacy that Robyn offered. Meri still hasn’t come to a decision. It really doesn’t seem like she will anytime soon. Hopefully, she doesn’t wait too long or it may be too late.

The Second New Episode

Kody, Meri, Christine, Janelle and Robyn, along with some of the teens, answered a variety of questions from viewers. As is customary for the Brown family, they didn’t answer any of the questions about what happens in the bedroom. Kody did answer questions about what he would do if his daughters wanted to be in a plural marriage. Being the loving father that he is, he stated that he is more concerned that each child marries a wonderful person who believes in God than he is about the type of marriage. The most touching question was about what happens if a Sister Wife dies. Meri shared the story of her sister who passed away due to colon cancer. Her sister wife moved into her home to raise the kids so that the kids wouldn’t have to cope with moving to a new home on top of losing their mother.

Upcoming Episodes of Sister Wives

Two new episodes of Sister Wives air Sunday night on TLC. The first episode is an hour-long show that reveals where Logan will go to college. News on the Brown households moving closer to each other is revealed. The second episode is an in-depth interview with Robin Morales. All five adults and five of the Brown children will be featured.


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