“Sister Wives” Packed on the Weight Resulting in Obesity- Why?

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“Sister Wives’ were much smaller when they first married Cody Brown, but something happened along the way for his first three long-time sister wives to become obese. A recent interview might offer a hint to the root of the problem as the family describes how this lifestyle needs constant defending.

Christine, Meri and Janelle weren’t big women when they married Kody Brown, they weren’t even as big as they are today when this reality show aired its first episode. Meri especially packed on the pounds in the last year or so. Janelle, who opens up and says that she’s never told anyone, not even Kody how much she weighs, is obese, which is a health hazard.

When Robin joined the family as the fourth sister wife, jealousy ran rampant, as the honeymoon with Kody’s new and shapely wife played out in front of the family. When the women finally decide to hit the gym, if they say that Robin and her trim body has nothing to do with this, this might stretch the truth a bit.

The weight gained by the three sister wives is dangerous, and while they might want to look better, it is their health that will suffer the most from being obese. Their life of polygamy is not harmonious these days, it started when first thrown into the headlines with this new and controversal show.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, it’s become overwhelming for these women to constantly defend their religious beliefs, which is what drives their living arrangements of one man and his four sister wives. This coupled with the bigamy investigation underway by the federal government offers up the feeling that they’re losing control of their own destiny.

Many people turn to food in stressful times and this could explain what’s going on with the weight gain in these women. Kody doesn’t offer much comfort to the women when they’re overwhelmed with worries. He looks for the women to comfort him and this is adds more stress to the sister wives, even if they don’t realize this.

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