‘Sister Wives’ Parents Deal with Money Problems and Intimacy Issues

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown quit his job, as did two of his wives, when they moved from Lehigh, UT to Las Vegas, NV. Since then, the four wives and all the children have been living off of the family’s savings and the money made by doing the TLC show. Money is tight and now the family is considering taking a stab at the Las Vegas housing market.

The Brown family has become very close with the Realtor who helped them find their four separate homes in Las Vegas. This relationship has led to the five adults taking a six week Realtor course so they can try to sell homes with their new Realtor friend.

With the housing market in its current state, are the Browns going to make any money? Will the money come fast enough? Who knows. Their fame from Sister Wives may help them since it seems some people may want to purchase a home from one of them just to brag about it. Only time will tell, but with a clan of children who need food, shelter, and other life necessities, Kody doesn’t have time to waste on bad business decisions.

In the meantime, Kody decides that it is time to talk to the teens about sex. You know, the wonderful “birds and bees” talk. Since the kids’ friends are all monogamous, Kody wants to talk to the kids about polygamy. He also wants to let the kids know that they should uphold some moral standards. You read that right—the man who is intimate with four women wants his kids to have morals.

His intentions are good. He doesn’t want them to do anything “sexual” until they are out of high school. He then tells them that he would prefer the sexual stuff wait until they are married. The kids, well all of them except Mariah, think he is crazy and they reveal that only one of them hasn’t yet been kissed.

Throughout the conversation, the kids try to pull Robyn in as a voice of reason for them; however, they quickly find out that she is onboard with Kody and her Sister Wives. While Kody is usually laid back but firm, this conversation seems to make him a little uncomfortable. That is a little surprising for a man who has children with three of his wives and a soon-to-be-born bundle of joy with the fourth.

At the end of the episode, Robyn remarks that she has been spotting and heads to the midwife. While miscarriage was truly a concern for the Brown family, anyone in America who keeps tabs on the Sister Wives crew and anyone who watches the commercials, knows that Robyn is nice and pregnant in their group shot. In fact, she is due to pop any day now.

TLC really bombed trying to make the spotting a cliffhanger that continues in the next episode.

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