‘Sister Wives': Polygamist Kody Brown Not a Bigamist?

TLC Sister Wives star and polygamist Kody Brown is not a bigamist. The latest news in the saga of their polygamous marriage, a Utah county attorney dropped bigamist charges against Kody, father to 16 children and husband to four wives.

Without a doubt, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn probably celebrated with a family party at home. It’s not a joke but with a family as big as the one in the reality show, no one needs to invite more friends; 21 people is enough to throw a wild house party and keep it going all night long.

Attorney Jeff Buhman stated, in the motion seeking to have the lawsuit against Kody Brown dismissed, “The criminal case against the Browns is closed and no charges will be filed against them for bigamy unless new evidence is discovered.”

What a great relief for Brown and his family. Unfortunately, some people would argue that there’s enough evidence on TLC to throw Brown’s greedy man pole into the slammer for bigamy. Simply consider that Sister Wives is in its fourth season.

Angered by the state of Utah, Brown and his jolly wives shot back with a lawsuit of their own. The king of locks and his queens of conflicted emotions accused the state of committing an unconstitutional crime when authorities questioned their union of many.

Now, how can an investigation into a suspicious marriage of plenty be considered unconstitutional? Citizens should have a right to safety and if a man living with four women and 16 children seems worthy of a deeper examination by the county, let it happen. Safety is paramount in a community. And, Sister Wives type marriages are not common occurrences. What if he was running a cult? Now, that’s dangerous activity!

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