‘Sister Wives’ Polygamist Vacation Recap

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What happens when two polygamist families head out to Oceanside, Calif. for a vacation? When it involves Sister Wives, the families start out by taking over two rental houses where they try to find space for 50 people.

The Brown family decided to go on vacation with another polygamist family, the Dargers. To start the adventure, the Darger family will first travel to the Brown’s in Las Vegas. From there, both families head out to Oceanside, Calif.

Arrival at the rental homes was interesting. Unlike the Darger family, the Brown wives each took their own car–making parking difficult. The two houses posed a challenge for the families–where to put 50 people.

Joe Darger saved the day with his uber organizational skills. He quickly pulled up floor plans of the two homes and made room assignments. End of problem.

The families had fun wave boarding and swimming in the ocean. Teens got together and discussed their parents and if they wanted to live a polygamist lifestyle. Several teens from both families did not want to follow in their parent’s footsteps.

With so many teens to babysit, the adults were able to swing a night out for themselves. It was during dinner where the differences in the Brown family and Darger family became apparent. Joe Darger and his three wives share a house, whereas the Brown family are currently building four separate homes. The Dargers are very organized. Kody and his brood are an exercise in chaos.

After arriving home, Kody and most of the wives feel that they should have a family mission statement, just like the Dargers do. Janelle was the only one who felt it was not necessary, but she said that she would go along with it if everyone else wanted to do it.

The Darger family
Joe Darger and his family are long-time friends of Kody Brown and his four wives. Joe has three wives; Alina, Vicki and Valerie. Between the three wives there are a total of 23 children. Joe Darger married his first two wives on the same day. Ten years later, he married his third wife, Valerie, who is the twin sister of his second wife, Vicki. This is Valerie’s second marriage. She is divorced from another plural marriage and brought her kids with her.

Joe Darger and his wives all live together under one roof. This is a stark contrast to Kody Brown, who is building four separate houses–one for each wife. The Dargers feel that in order to raise the kids as brothers and sisters, everyone needs to live in the same home. Kody says that sharing a kitchen is the equivalent of abuse to two of his wives.

The contrast between the two polygamist families is amazing. The Darger family is organized and it runs like a well oiled machine. Kody and his wives seem like they are in a constant state of chaos and things rarely get done on time. In an on camera interview, Kody reveals that he feels like a firefighter–constantly putting out fires somewhere and never really getting much else done.

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