‘Sister Wives’ Season 3 Sunday Night—Kody Brown Considers Wife # 5?

Sister Wives from TLC launches its third season tonight and already the previews point to multi relationships in discord. A new interview reveals more compelling events possibly surfacing in the future for this family, with Kody Brown depending on a “higher calling” to help with future planning.

In a recent interview the family talked about their functional working relationships. While the interview sounded better than the previews for this season looked, this family is struggling with different factors brought on by the polygamist lifestyle they lead.

This season Kody sets out with his four wives to find a spot to build homes side by side, much like in the HBO series Big Love. Having the family in different homes miles away from each other is rendering Kody exhausted from playing musical houses in different locations.

The Sister Wives season previews suggest two of Kody’s long-time wives are having some type of crisis, with one talking about not feeling wanted by Kody anymore. Ever since the new cute and young wife, Robyn, joined the Brown family, the three older wives have felt a twinge of jealousy although they won’t admit to it, it shows.

Now that his new wife has given birth to a baby, which is an honor this group of polygamist sister wives hold like little credits racking up on their behalf, the jealousy seems even more prevalent. although jealousy appears when they’re around Kody, the sister wives seem to genuinely care for one another and get along well, especially when their husband is not around.

According to Hollywood Gossip, in a recent interview with Anderson Cooper, Kody’s asked about the chances of adding wife number five to the matrimony pool. Kody Brown is now the father of 17 children and he doesn’t seem to fancy taking on another sister wife unless it falls under a “requirement” from a higher calling.

Last season viewers watched as the family moved out of Utah fearing prosecution for polygamy, brought on by Kody and his brood being so open about their lifestyle on national TV. This season the clan will do their best to settle in to their new surroundings.

If Kody does take on another sister wive, then the fans will know he had a “requirement” handed down to him. It will have nothing at all to do with his libido!

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