Sister Wives: TLC’s newest controversy

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Sister Wives, a new reality show which follows the lives of Cody Brown and his four wives, began last week as one of TLC’s most watched premieres.  The release of the show has started a world of debate on whether or not something that is illegal should be allowed to air on television. 

Cody Brown, his four wives and their thirteen children reside together in the state of Utah; a place where polygamy is often accepted and rarely prosecuted by state officials.  However, now that their lifestyle has been put in front of the world to see, authorities are wondering whether or not to press charges.

I have to admit I watched the show.  Not only did I watch last week but I have already set my DVR for tonight.  Apparently, I am not the only one.  Americans seem to be secretly fascinated by this lifestyle.  From a women’s point of view, I can see how helpful it would be to have three other moms to help raise the children, to pick up the slack when I didn’t feel good or to deal with little Johnny when I was at the end of my rope.  On the other hand, it would be just plain weird to watch your husband retire each night with someone else because you were not on the “schedule” that day.  I’m sure the men out their have their own opinions on this; but, we won’t discuss that here.

So, should TLC remove this show from their line up?  Where should the authorities stand with this family?  Should they get involved with something that they previously turned a blind eye to?  We allow shows to portray drug use, murder and teenage alcohol abuse- all illegal activities.  Why are we so upset about an activity that is happening between consenting adults behind closed doors?  Maybe that is it.  The doors have been opened and we have been invited in. 

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