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from my journal, originally written May 12th, 1986 – Now being reworked as part of my memoir-in-progress

As the Dean of Admissions, I had to attend the graduation, especially since I had been the one responsible for these same kids getting admitted four years earlier. I got up early and left RG at home sleeping. When I returned, I find Ron sitting on our front porch, talking to my daughter, Erika. I had forgotten he said he had the day off and wanted to see me. He had arrived at the house before RG left. He wanted to take me out to lunch. He said how polite and considerate RG was to him. How unusual. He and Erika then used this opportunity to rake RG over the coals.

“She really hates him you know.” He tells me this over lunch. “She thinks he’s a nerd.” Ron is a bit obsessed by him. There is hardly a conversation where RG’s name doesn’t come up. I didn’t ask him to, but he spontaneously promised me he wouldn’t talk about him any more.

Later on in the week, leaving work, I run into Dr. Tom. After few casual remarks he makes reference to RG. That night, Robin called, quizzing me about my weekend.  I told him Sunday I had had a going away party for Risé. He makes some derogatory remarks about a bunch of people sitting around reading each others journals. Then he blurts out, “Was RG there? Was he with you at Erika’s party?”

Seems as thought most of the men in my life wear the burden of RG like a stigmata. He is their cross to bear. They can’t understand what I see in him.

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