Six Word Memoirs (Can You Write Your Life in Six Words)

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This was on NPR's Talk of the Nation, yesterday – Six-Word Memoirs: Life Stories Distilled

Once Ernest Hemingway was asked to write a full-length story in six words.  His response was: "For Sale: baby shoes, never worn."
Less can often be more.  Can you write your life story in six words?  Or at least segments of your life, as we wear many hats.  Would your words be fitting for your headstone?

Summing up our lives in six words could definitely be therapy.  I could see this as a form of perfecting our law of attraction skills.  If we find our six words depressing, change our words, – change our lives.  

Here are some from those famous and not so famous:
Stephen Colbert (Well, I thought it was funny).

One caller to the show said:  Never loved, always rejected, good anyway.

Another wrote in:  Sleep, work, eat, rinse and repeat.

A knitter wrote:  Just let me finish this row.

I will meditate on this to come up with some.  These won't be on my headstone, as I plan on cremation; but for now here are a couple of my own that come to me:

Hot Chai Latte, learning to write.

Re-inventing at mid-life, looking for youth.

Re-inventing at mid-life, looking for wisdom.

What are yours?

To hear the program:

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