Six-Year-Old Spite (advice please)

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I'm sure this won't be the last time I ask my illustrious Gather family for parenting advice.  I know that some of you must have dealt with a similar situation at some point in your lives. 

I have a beautiful six-year-old daughter.  She really is quite a joy.  She loves to sing, play, and clean around the house.  Well, she likes to clean when she wants to, not when she's told.  I guess that's like most children though. 

What's really bothering me lately though, is the spite which she directs mainly at her older brother.  I've studied just about every possible cause that I can think of.  We show her just as much love and attention as we do the boys.  Sometimes, we give her more attention than any of them.  Still the problem remains.  She can dish out the jokes and puns with the best of them, but when her older brother gives it back to her, she tends to retaliate in a very spiteful and sometimes hurtful manner.  Today her method was physical violence.  She decided to grab fingers and start twisting.  My oldest boy, being the good boy that he was raised to be, knows to never retaliate against a girl.  He won't hit her back at all. 

The question is this, how do I teach her a lesson about her actions?  I've tried every reasonable punishment I can think of.  I don't want to tell her brother to retaliate, because I don't want him to learn it's okay to hit girls.  It's about all I can think of though.  If I turn him loose to handle the situation, I'm afraid he'll hurt her. 


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