Sizzling ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Trailer Stars Frontrunners Ian Somerhalder and Emma Watson (Video)

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A brand new Fifty Shades of Grey trailer has just appeared in the media-verse, and despite its interestingly minimalist approach to visual presentation, it’s one of the best. It is also, by far, the most unusual. Furthermore, the video boasts the pairing of two wildly popular contenders for the coveted roles of BDSM enthusiast Christian Grey and his virginal, in-over-her-head lady-love/slave, Anastasia Steele. According to Renier Palland at Celeb Dirty Laundry, Somerhalder and Watson are now the frontrunners in the mad scramble for the E.L. James “mommie porn” film leads. And although their images are also kept at a minimum in the trailer, their presence is powerfully, almost palpably felt.

The Watson/Somerhalder version of Steele and Grey’s über kinky “bad romance’ begins with a quote from Anais Nin, famous diarist, paramour of Henry Miller, and intrepid sexual adventuress. Nin’s quote: “We travel, some of us forever to seek other states, other lives, other souls” floats languidly on a jet black screen before giving way to a series of fluidly connected, teasingly brief yet intensely memorable images. Gone are the predictable, chronologically paced scenes of Ana’s arrival at her future master’s office and the stages of her physical and psychological transformation. Also intriguingly absent are overtly sexual images. The eroticism conveyed by this trailer is, much like the essence of fetishism, far more psychosexual than physically so. Or as Palland so succinctly puts it, “the trailer has more of a surrealistic appeal, focusing more on the aesthetic than the whole.” As for Watson and Somerhalder, they appear only separately, never together, either in extreme close-ups, or as distant, light-limned silhouettes enshrouded in darkness.

“It will linger like a whisper,” proclaims one of the new Fifty Shades of Grey trailer’s final captions, “and will captivate you.” True.

You can see for yourself on the video below.

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