Skateboarder Jason Ellis Fight

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So it appears skateboarder Jason Ellis had his first MMA fight last night at the Down For Life – Fight For a Cause event.  I'm having trouble finding out if Jason Ellis was victorious or not, but according to his myspace (the pinnacle of self-promotion), he won by submission (whatever that is).  But let me ask this:  What was anyone expecting out of the Jason Ellis fight?

Does this signify MMA has really made it into the main stream with the Jason Ellis fight?  I mean, I see Affliction t-shirts on just about every douche-bag in town and am constantly bombarded on SPIKE with all this MMA stuff.  Isn't that enough for you people?  Do you really need to get pro skaters involved?  Does that cheapen the whole "sport" or add a level of legitimacy so sorely needed?  Hasn't pro wrestling taken enough of your mental faculties over the last 30 years that you don't NEED Jason Ellis fighting for your amusement? 

Apparently the fight was streamed live over the internet, but I have a much quicker (and cheaper) way to recreate the Jason Ellis fight if you're so inclined.  If watching two sweaty men roll around on the ground is your cup of tea, then I have a whole heaping mug of it:  Find two bums and set them across from each other.  Then throw a $20 bill on the ground.  I'm sure you'll have just as much satisfaction as by watching the Jason Ellis fight that way.  And it will only cost you $20. 

But the dignity you keep, well, that will last forever. 



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