Sky Blu Mitt Romney Plane Altercation Video

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It was reported on Monday that Mitt Romney, 2008 presidential wannabe, was involved in some sort of argument that may have turned slightly physical while waiting for the plane he was traveling on to take off from Vancouver.  Now, it turns out that the other man in the dust-up was Sky Blu, a pretty famous rapper who is part of the group LMFAO.

Sky Blu and Mitt Romney got into an argument when Sky, who was sitting directly in front of Mitt’s wife Ann, reclined his seat.  Details will obviously conflict, but it seems that Mitt either touched or grabbed Sky Blu’s shoulder when Sky didn’t immediately comply with the request to sit up straight.  Then Sky slapped Mitt’s hand away, and as the TMZ-provided video shows, was then escorted off the plane by security personnel.

Sky Blu claims that he was defending himself after Romney attacked him first.  Romney claims (through his spokesman, of course) that Sky “became enraged” after being asked to sit upright, and “took a swing” at Romney.

It’s really too bad we can’t see video of the entire thing!  But here’s what is available:


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