Sky Blu Says Mitt Romney Used Vulcan Grip on His Shoulder (Video)

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Sky Blu from rap group LMFAO is speaking out about his altercation with Mitt Romney on a recent flight from Vancouver to Los Angeles.

Sky Blu says that he reclined his seat to take a nap when he hears “Sir! Sir!  Put your seat up!”  from the seat behind him.  He turned around to have the same request yelled at him a bit more sternly.  He said that’s when Romney reaches over and grabs Sky Blu’s shoulder.  He said with that he “just reacted.  Boom!  Ya know?  Get off of me.  And I didn‘t take it any further than that, I just wanted the man not to touch me.”  Sky Blu claims that he didn’t know who Romney was at the time.  He says things started to “get loud” when the flight attendant came over and he might have “thrown a few cuss words in” but he was trying to tell them that he was just trying to protect himself.

He claims that police came onto the plane and escorted them off.  He says that he was detained before he could even tell his side of the story.  Sky Blu even has video of the police on the plane.

Sky Blu said that he’s “sure Mitt is a good guy, like we’re good guys.  It was just an unfortunate situation”.   

Sky Blu wasn’t arrested, only detained.

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