Sky Metalwala Case: Where Will Sister Spend Christmas?

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The case of missing Sky Metalwala seems to be going nowhere; that is, except in the custody battle that is happening behind the scenes about Sky’s sister, Maile. After Sky went missing in early November, Maile was put into foster care and that she should stay there until this upcoming Monday, when there is a dependency hearing in the custody battle for her. This custody battle is nothing new, as the parents of Sky have been spending over a year and a half fighting for custody, accusing one another of abuse.

However, the Christmas season is the time for giving and this year, a national family court reform organization is campaigning to have the little girl spend Christmas with her father, Solomon Metalwala. A judge has the final say on Monday, but many are finding it unfair.

“Four-year-old Maile was shoved into the foster care system after the mysterious disappearance of her 2-year-old brother Sky,” Glenn Sacks explains. Sacks is the National Executive Director for Fathers and Families. “Currently everyone’s focus is on finding Sky Metalwala, as it should be. Yet it is also important that Maile be reunited with the father she loves and needs as soon as possible.”

Surely, everyone is on the father’s side in this case because Sky Metalwala went missing under his mother’s case. According to a report by the Kirkland Reporter, Sky’s sister has had a troubled childhood, mostly due to mother Julia’s obsessive compulsive disorder. It is this exact disorder that some people speculate could have played a role in Sky’s disappearance.

At this point, there is no domestic violence evidence that should result in Maile spending Christmas in foster care. In fact, there are no evident reasons why Sky Metalwala’s father should not have full custody of Maile. The custody hearing is Monday, so updates will follow on this case.

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