Sky Metalwala Shocking Update: Mother Contradicts Herself

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Sky Metalwala remains missing from the Bellevue, Washington area and there doesn’t appear to be many leads in the case. However, a new update has surfaced and it certainly doesn’t make Julie Biryukova look good.

The blog “Fathers and Families” has been covering a national group that’s lobbying for Solomon Metalwala to gain custody of his daughter, four-year old Maile Metalwala. The source reports that the mother of Sky Metalwala, Julie Biryukova, attended a custody hearing in November and wanted Solomon Metalwala to take custody of their four-year old daughter.

It’s strange that Biryukova would want to give custody of her daughter to the man she accused of being a “violent muslim Pakistani.” She also accused him of domestic violence throughout their bitter divorce. It also isn’t very positive of how careless she was in looking after her two-year old son. It appears that she simply didn’t want her children.

It’s shocking to find that she was willing to fork over custody of Maile to Solomon Metalwala, when her young son is missing, presumed “kidnapped” from her disabled vehicle. Perhaps it’s related to the profile she put on a sugar-daddy dating website. There are a lot of potential motives, and police have acknowledged that they do suspect Julie Biryukova in the disappearance of baby Sky. However, there isn’t enough evidence for anything to transpire at this time. It’s a shame, and the likelihood of missing baby Sky Metalwala being found alive is dwindling with each passing day.


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