‘Skyfall’ Best Bond of All Says Ex 007, Roger Moore

It’s always refreshing when one actor is complimentary toward a colleague. However, Sir Roger Moore is taking his compliments a step further. He says, Daniel Craig’s Skyfall is the best Bond film ever. He ought to know too, considering that he played the part of James Bond for more than a decade. He made seven Bond films. Moore had high praise for Daniel Craig, “I am full of admiration for him…” he admitted.

Moore was asked how he found out that he was going to be cast as 007 back in his day. He said he knew the producers, Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman from gambling. “…We became friends because I let them win,” he joked. He said they approached him about making a Bond film in Cambodia. However, that was before things got difficult in that country. When that happened, the plan was scrapped. Nonetheless, the trio went on to eventually make spy thrillers together. Moore starred in The Man With the Golden Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me, Live and Let Die, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy and A View to a Kill.

So how do Moore’s 007 films rank among the best of Bond? Octopussy seems to be the least favorite of all the Bond films. Too many gimmicks in the mix made it a bit of joke. Moore’s A View to Kill didn’t fare much better. Over acting by Grace Jones and Christopher Walken nearly torpedoed that movie. Moonraker failed to score high marks with some fans as well. Bond suffered under the disco connection. However, The Spy Who Loved Me is widely considered one of the best Bond films. Barbara Bach played an intelligent Bond girl and stood toe to toe with Moore. Plus the special effects for this film were hard to beat.

What do you think. Did Moore get it right. Is Skyfall worthy of the top Bond spot? Sound off below.

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