Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 DLC Release Date in Question as New Tweet Arrives from Bethesda Rep

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As the Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 DLC release date is still a heated topic among Playstation 3 owners, one of Bethesda’s top PR execs has been continuing to address questions about it on Twitter. Just recently, Pete Hines, who is the VP of PR and marketing had yet another answer for a gamer inquiring about the Dawnguard situation. Unfortunately for fans, it might not shed any light on whether or not this downloadable content ever hits the PS3.

According to, the Dawnguard DLC was released on the Xbox 360 back on June 26th, giving owners of the Microsoft gaming platform several months now to use the add-on content with Skyrim. However, PS3 owners have had no access to such a download, and continue to wonder if they ever will. It’s going on October as Bethesda seems to still be working on a possible DLC for the Sony platform.

Just recently, Pete Hines was on Twitter to answer yet another question about this situation. Hines tweeted:

“@ImSuperMariooo No, we will not release it if we can’t get the performance to an ‘acceptable’ standard. Our stance on this has not changed.”

The problem appears to be that the PS3 version of the Dawnguard DLC has some crashes or other major glitches that Bethesda is trying to work out. Unfortunately, it’s taking several months, and allowing Xbox users to enjoy content that the other platform owners can’t. It almost seems like by the time the DLC is ever released for PS3, fans will be ready to buy a PS4, or a brand new video game. For Bethesda’s sake, one can only hope they find a way to appease Skyrim gamers who own Playstation 3, or else they may see a future sales dip for new Skyrim titles.

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