Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 Release Date: Bethesda Marketing VP Responds on Twitter over DLC

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With the Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 release date now considered a moot point, there are still many gamers looking for answers from Bethesda about getting a DLC for their version of the game. Recently, Pete Hines, the VP of PR and Marketing at the company, was on the defensive as he fielded complaints from Twitter members over his company’s inability to deliver the same DLC content to all game platforms.

According to, a bit of a heated Twitter exchange began when one gamer who was upset at the lack of additional content for the PS3 version of “Skyrim” decided to make his opinions clear. They basically said they would be boycotting future titles from Bethesda, since they wouldn’t want to be excluded from getting DLC content. Hines went on the defensive and said, “There are plenty of reasons not to buy a game. If that’s yours, that’s up to you.” The Twitter user was not happy with that answer, calling it “appalling,” which prompted Hines to answer back, “I don’t buy games on the promise of DLC,” adding, “to me, it’s about the game.”

More Twitter users chimed in. Hines responded back to one Twitter member who was upset over the lack of the additional content for the Sony PS3, with a tweet saying:

“@Acadius my attitude isn’t ignorant. I simply explained to someone how I buy games and view DLC. Not how everyone should.”

Hines also responded to a Twitter member asking about the status of getting either a full or partial Dawnguard DLC, saying:

“@HPLA1 I thought we made that clear when we said we aren’t certain. Beyond that, we haven’t said anything other than we are working on it.”

It’s beyond understandable why Sony Playstation 3 owners would be upset over the lack of DLCs for their system, seeing as the Xbox 360 owners get to enjoy them. However, Hines has to perform damage control, and walk carefully, so as to not upset a customer base. Still, there’s only so much info he can give, or do, regarding the status of the company’s work on additional content for the PS3. There is a saying that the customer is always right, and they do have to question whether Bethesda will have the best interests of PS3 owners in mind with future titles.

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