‘Sleepless in Seattle’ Musical Set for California

Sleepless in Seattle, the musical, will be coming to a stage near you, if you live in California near the Pasadena Playhouse. The musical will turn the wildly popular film of the same name into a stage production complete with music by Josh Nelson, Michelle Citrin and Michael Garin.

Despite the fact in the Sleepless in Seattle movie,Tom Hank’s character, Sam Baldwin, lived in Seattle and Meg Ryan’s character, Annie Reed, lived in New York, neither of those cities have “manned up” to create a musical based on it yet. So, why not in California? Location isn’t everything, ya know?

The Sleepless in Seattle musical will be directed by Joel Zwick and will premiere on June 12, 2012. So, for all you chick flick fans who have been waiting and waiting for this movie to become a musical, it’s now time to celebrate! Chances are this will become a big hit amongst the ladies.

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