Slot machines to boost state revenue?

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Would you support slot machines in your state if it meant serious revenue? From MPR News Slot machines, tax exemptions among state revenue suggestions:

DFL Representative Phyllis Kahn has introduced a different gambling related bill. She wants to allow slot machines at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport.

“I have always said that gambling is a regressive tax on stupidity,” Kahn said. “Well, this makes it a progressive tax on stupidity because people who have boarding passes are at a higher income level cut than people without boarding passes.”

A 2004 fiscal analysis of Kahn’s bill suggests the state would capture about $16 million a year from her proposal.

I wonder how gamblers, visitors, and Minnesota residents feel about that. It wouldn’t be the only suggestion:

Republican Senator Dick Day said he’ll propose a bill that would allow slot machines at the Canterbury Park Race track.

Combined with both parties conducting a seek&find for spending cuts…well, I really want to know what you think. Is a mixture of gambling and cuts the answer? How would that impact Minnesota’s future?


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