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July 1990 It was a nice sunny day. My husband had just gotten home from work and didnt really want to go anywhere but I was insistant that we needed to get to the bank and go food shopping. Besides this I had been home all day with our month and a half old daughter and was dying to get out.  Hubby reluctantly agreed and I wish now that we hadn’t.  We were heading west after having gotten money out of the bank. It was rush hour for the GM workers and the streets were busy. The green light was ours but one guy in a pick up heading north was not paying attention to the red light ahead.

What happened next hit us right out of the blue. Our little Nissan Micra was entering the intersection when the speeding bullet disguised as a pick up truck hit the front quarter panel of the car and sent us into a 360 degree spin. This knocked the hood of the car and left our transmission bleeding in the middle of the road.

We were able to get out safely but the car was clearly written off.  My husband noticed that the back windshield had shattered all over the back seat. This is the miracle, our baby was in a rear facing car seat but there was not a scratch upon her.   I got by with a lacerated knee and hubby sustained minor back injures which required some physio. We got off easy but the car was totalled. It looked like no one should have walked away from the accident. But we survived as DEM had kicked in.

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