Small Space Herb Gardening (photo essay)

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A couple of years ago we decided to convert our little fish pond/fountain into a small herb garden. The fish pond turned out to be more work than it was worth, having to be drained and refilled just about every week (no filtration system). We were also having to replace the fish periodically because they kept disappearing. We never did figure out if it was cats or raccoons that were eating them.

So, John drilled several drainage holes in the bottom of the pond, put in a layer of pebbles and then filled it with potting soil and compost.

One nice feature is that it is portable so if we need to move it, we can. This is how it looks today.

There is nothing better than being able to step out you back door and snip fresh herbs for a recipe, right when you need them!

Some of the herbs in my little garden are:

Curly leafed parsley.

Flat leafed parsley.




My little garden is not quite big enough so, I have several other pots of herbs in different parts of our yard.

I planted this mixture this past weekend.

This herb is new to me, its called Egyptian Culantro and tastes like Mexican Cilantro/Coriander.

I was amazed by how close it really is in flavor, and its such an interesting little plant, don't you think?

This one is thyme, the variety is "Transparent Yellow"

I never knew how many varities of basil there are, they seem to be endless. I chose a few I found interesting.

This one is "Thai Basil." To me it tastes like regular basil along with a hint of anise. 

Here we have "Greek Basil." It has a basil flavor with a hint of vanilla, interestingly sweet.

This one is called "Spicy Globe Basil" and has a peppery basil flavor which I'm sure will be delicious in a wide variety of dishes.

These two varieties I'm more familiar with, "Sweet Basil" and…

…"Mammoth Basil."

I have a seperate large pot for my Rosemary plant.

We tried our hand at growing our own Garlic this year. This was planted back in November and we've been told that we can harvest it in July here. If anyone has any tips on how we will know when its ready, I'd love to hear them!

And last but not least, I should know that when I send John to the backyard to bring me an extra pot, he will come back with a critter of some sort to show me.

Aren't I a lucky girl?

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