Smallville “Icarus” Recap – A Darkness Is Rising in Metropolis

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Tonight’s episode of Smallville was “Icarus.”  In the last episode of 2010, Clark and Oliver receive some help from familiar faces in the fight against Slade and the darkness invading Metropolis.

The Proposal

UNSPECIFIED - MAY 22: Medium shot of Tom Welling as Clark Kent. (Photo by Sergei Bachlakov/Warner Bros./Getty Images)

Clark wants a romantic night out, but Lois suggests a night in.  He says he hears a situation that needs saving and calls her on the pay-phone.  When she looks up, flowers are raining down.  Clark proposes and Lois says yes.  Everyone’s being scanned going into the Daily Planet.  Lois receives a card in the mail and remembers asking Chloe about what happened between Clark and Lana.  Chloe says they weren’t fated.  Chloe sent her a necklace.  Cat sees Lois’ ring and asks if she’s pregnant.  Tess tells Lois she’s reprogramming Watchtower’s retina scan.  Lois runs into Clark; it’s actually a surprise engagement party at Watchtower; Carter and Courtney have joined them.  Clark wants Oliver to be his best man.  Carter and Oliver talk about their losses (Shayera and Chloe).  Oliver’s on his way home when he saves a woman being attacked.  When he chases her assailant, civilians start attacking him, but Carter and Courtney come to their rescue and she gets them out with her cosmic rod.

The Aftermath

Lois knows she signed up for a “superhero marriage.”  He says they’ll be able to handle their responsibilities.  Lois turns on the news and sees the broadcast of Oliver’s attack.  She gives Clark his “Blur” jacket and sends him on his way.  Cat is angry Tess didn’t run her story about Oliver.  Officers find Tess, Emil, enter Oliver’s office and the Kent farm.  Clark finds Oliver, Courtney, and Carter in Watchtower.  Slade is on the news and emphasizing that Oliver caused the explosion.  Clark says everyone has to go underground to protect their secrets and shuts down Watchtower.

Justice Is Broken

Justin Hartley arriving Saturn Awards 2009 at the Castaways in Burbank, CA on June 24, 2009. .2009 Kathy Hutchins / Hutchins Photo . Photo via Newscom

Lois gets into the elevator and Trotter wants to talk to her about Clark.  She’s led upstairs where Emil, Tess, and Cat are waiting.  Lois goes to text Clark, but Emil warns her the phones are bugged.  Trotter brings Emil in first for questioning; she wants Oliver’s friends’ names.  Next is Lois.  Trotter wants to know about the Blur and says Lois isn’t leaving the room until she has Clark.  Clark enters Slade’s office and Carter finds him; they want answers.  Oliver joins them.  No one’s doing “underground” very well.  Carter has seen hatred like this before and says everytime a force has risen against it.  Clark says that’s them this time, and Clark’s their first target.  Trotter tries to force Lois to cooperate with threats.  Trotter moves on to Tess, who says she doesn’t know where Oliver is.  Trotter brings up their history and asks for the vigilantes’ locations.  Lois finds Tess’ way out in her office.  She runs into Cat in the hall and says she’s going back to work.  Cat knows she escaped and Lois says she told Trotter about them.  Lois tries to convince Cat to let her go and brings up her son.  She says the Blur saved her.  Cat lies to a military officer for Lois then tells Lois they’re planning on using Oliver to track own the others.  Oliver finds a file “Operation Icarus,” a blacklist of known vigilantes and their supporters.  Clark speeds off when Oliver shows him video of the Daily Planet.  Slade’s men are ransacking Oliver’s office.  Trotter wants Emil and Tess taken to a secure location, but Clark takes out the men in the basement and frees them.


Slade finds Lois and asks where Clark is.  He puts a gun to her head and she says he wins but when she tries to escape, he knocks her over.  Hawkman enters through the window and Slade shoots at him.  Lois wakes up in time to watch Slade stab Carter.  Lois is sent flying out the window by a blast and Carter goes after her.  Clark finds Slade outside the building.  Slade had named the project Icarus after Clark.  He tells Clark Carter and Lois are dead.  Clark traps him in a crystal–did he just send him to the Phantom Zone?


Carter saved Lois.  Clark finds them.  Carter says it’s not just Clark’s fight and he’ll be with Shayera again.  He says Clark will have all the help he needs to fight the darkness even though he won’t be there.  The heroes and Lois lay Carter to rest with his soulmate.  A bright light emerges from the ground and leaves everyone unconscious.

What did you think of tonight’s Smallville?

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