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Smart mouth brings to mind comments from teachers and authority in my youth.  I recently discovered it might be good to have a smart mouth…if you’re using SmartMouth mouthwash, toothpaste, gum and mints.

Dental decay causes a plethora of health problems. The least dangerous and most embarrassing is yucky breath. For years, I’ve been using Altoids to combat bad breath. Prior to that, I was partial to Tic Tacs. As I continue to have dental work done, I am exploring the Smart Mouth products.

SmartMouth mouthwash promises to get rid of morning breath right away (that would be a relief) and give you fresh breath for 12 hours. Mosts of the mouthwash products and mints I use only last an hour or two. It would be great to use SmartMouth mouthwash once and have pleasant breath for the rest of the day.

According to the Smart Mouth website, the product is safe for everyone over age 6 including diabetics. Pregnant users may want to consult with a physician prior to use. Smart Mouth uses ingredients deemed safe by the FDA. The SmartMouth mouthwash system comes in 2 bottles that are not mixed until use.

Smart Mouth is available at so I might try it when I place my next order. I only order from a few times a year. I will keep looking at the local pharmacy to see if they carry SmartMouth mouthwash before I order from The Smart Mouth homepage features a $2 coupon off your purchase.

Have you ever tried Smart Mouth? Before I buy new products, I like to hear what others think of them. Here are a few Smart Mouth reviews and everyone seems impressed.

Here is YouTube video about SmartMouth products from CNBC:



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