Smartphone App for Concussions May Help Diagnose Brain Trauma

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Do you think you’ve got a concussion? Believe it or not there is an app for that. Concussions are serious injuries especially in sports, and now you can download a smartphone application that will help in diagnosing the brain bruising injury.

Smartphone App for Concussions may Help Diagnose Brain Trauma UNC’s brain injury research center’s Jason Mihalik and Justin Smith of Psychological Assessment Resources Inc. teamed up to create the concussions app for smartphones. There is no doubt that this will be a valuable tool in helping make sure sports become safer for participants.

Just how does this app, which is the first of its kind for this injury, work? Observers simply enter answers to a series of important questions developed from CDC criteria that can help determine if the injury is indeed a concussion. Then the smartphone will send an email with the results to a doctor.

Concussions are a serious problem with football at the professional and youth levels. Groups are working together to help make sure the sport is as safe as possible. The addition of this new concussions app will hopefully go a long way in helping make sure players are safe.

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