‘Smash’ Episode 2 “Callback” Recap: Being Marilyn

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Smash features a few new songs in “Callback”, where finally it’s been decided who gets the part of Marilyn, after Ivy and Karen are brought back for a second callback. Julia and Frank encounter some obstacles in the international adoption process, while Eileen looks for financial backup of the production during her pending divorce.

The episode starts out with Karen performing Blondie’s “Call me” in a night club. In the audience are all the people she actually auditioned in front of last week, including Dev (Raza Jaffrey), her boyfriend. She is awoken from her reverie by one of her co-workers. Yes, it was only a daydream. She was actually at work, stressed out she hasn’t heard back since her first callback.

Smash – who will be Marilyn?

The rivalry between Tom and Derek extends to who’s on the side of Ivy and Karen. Tom is a full supporter of Ivy as Marilyn. She has the experience, but Karen has chops and a beautiful voice, too. Everyone else, including Derek, is Team Karen. But as the director and choreographer, he wants to know more before making a decision.

Ivy talks to some of her peers about not hearing back from her callback. She just wants to get the part because she’s fed up with working as a chorus girl “looking like a demented duck on stage.”

Karen gets her second callback, where she has to dance, which scares her. It’s rather Derek that scares and frustrates her. She’s not too confident, but Dev is there to remind her that she is good enough. Although Derek appreciates Ivy’s experience and perfectionism, he also is taken with Karen’s innocence. She’s just like Marilyn in her early years. But, in the process, he changes his attitude towards Ivy. He ends up sleeping with her. So cliché. Which team is he on now?

Karen shows up at her callback late and one of Ivy’s friends is in the room too. Ivy pal fills his Broadway experienced friend in about what happened during Karen’s callback. It doesn’t sound too good for Karen who had to be shown the dance combination three times. She still struggles with the dance combination and Derek introduces her to Ivy. The encounter is cold and full of bravado.

Next, Karen discusses with Dev what happened and voices her complaints about Derek. He then tells her that the deputy mayor invited them for dinner, a sign he’s up for a promotion. Karen is happy for him, but – thanks to Derek who wants her to do the DiMaggio scene – manages to ruin the evening.

Tom and Julia talk the structure of the production, having all the songs written by now. While Tom wants “Let Me Be Your Star” to be the act’s break, Julia wants it right at the beginning, visualising the scene with both Karen and Ivy performing it alternatively. Problem is they still don’t have a Marilyn.

When the decision time comes, they all sit together weighing in the pros and cons each of the girl has. Karen is green but certainly trained. Ivy is spontaneous, sexy, passionate, beautiful and too perfect.

Tom wants to break the news himself to ivy who is over the moon learning that she was chosen for the part. That doesn’t mean that Karen is forgotten, even though she’s terribly disappointed. Eileen certainly wants to keep an eye on her.

Household drama for Eileen and Julia

On the Hustons’ home front, Julia and Frank deal with the requirements of the international adoption process. Hearing they have to wait for another two years to adopt a child from China, puts both of them off.

At home, Julia tells Frank they should write a letter to the birth mother of their child. Frank is not as resolved anymore about the adoption. He wants to go back to work. There’s been too much waiting already and he can’t put up with another two years to come. Their son hears their conversation and is disappointed by not having a sibling after so many years of plans and promises.

As to Eileen’s pending divorce, she runs into her soon-to-be-ex in a restaurant where she was meeting Derek. She dismisses him quickly, but when Derek is soon borrowed by a common acquaintance, Jerry uses the moment to talk Eileen out of ‘Marilyn’ because nobody will buy it. Later, she finds out that Jerry also tried to steal Derek for “My Fair Lady”, but he told him to “shove it”. Hence, “Marilyn The Musical” goes full speed ahead.

The last scene of Julia is also the most emotional one in the episode. At a group meeting with other potential adoptive parents, she reads the letter she wrote to her child’s birth mother. Frank walks in and hears her reading it. He grabs a chair and sits next to his wife, holds her hand and utters: “I thought I couldn’t make it, but then I decided that I couldn’t miss it.”

What is going to happen with Karen? What about Franks and Julia’s adoption? When will Derek’s affair with Ivy come out? There are a lot of questions that hopefully will be answered in the next episodes.

Tune in next Monday at 10/9c on NBC, when Smash continues with the search for Mr. DiMaggio.

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