‘Smash’ Recap: It’s More Than Just the Set and the Lights

The beginning scene of Smash‘s “Tech” episode that runs to Christian Borle’s voice singing “Another Op’nin, Another Show” from Kiss Me Kate, showing Karen at the Grand Central Terminal and the entire excited ensemble, looks like a nice start. But, beware! Two bombshells will be dropped during the hour.

As “Bombshell” – the musical – moves to Boston for previews, it all starts off on the wrong foot. Turns out that the too heavy desk that’s not good for the Mambo number is the least of Derek’s problems.

Suddenly, they don’t have a DiMaggio any more as their leading man got a pilot and is off to Vegas for shooting. Rebecca panics when she hears the news for the first time in front of the cast and is outraged Derek didn’t have the courtesy to discuss this with her first. The director puts the blame on his lack of time, while the star thinks she’s a joke having actors stand-in for her. But Derek’s advice for Rebecca is to use her star power as her escape from the terror.

Also, Tom has a new song that would be perfect for Karen and Ivy, a number that was wrote for “Heaven on Earth” but was cut at the last-minute. Derek doesn’t want it though.

Later, in Rebecca’s dressing room, Karen tries on a Marilyn wig and is surprised that even a star like her gets nervous. But Rebecca admits it’s something that never goes away.

Bombshell number one: Derek wants Michael Swift back as DiMaggio, and Tom doesn’t know how to break the news to Julia. At the Houstons home all seems to look good, but things are still fragile. Even Leo notices it and suggests his parents should go “official”. But when Julia hears that Eileen has no intention to bring someone else instead for the part, two days before the previews, she vehemently refuses to put her family at risk again. Fortunately, Frank and Leo show her a tremendous amount of support and understand how important this is for Julia. So they convince her not to give in and will use the spring break to join her in Boston for two weeks.

Back in tech, Rebecca overhears Ivy talking to Dennis about Derek’s upcoming birthday. When the D day comes, Rebecca surprises the director singing the Marilyn version of Happy Birthday to him. Ivy is unhappy and gutted when she realizes Derek hooked up with Rebecca.

Looks like the director isn’t the only one who throws away his relationship, after blurting out a quick “I love you” to Ivy. Dev was just about to do the same when he nearly slept with RJ. Feeling guilty, he comes to Boston and spontaneously asks Karen to marry him. Bad timing, as Karen’s mind is set on nothing else but the show.

On a romantically positive note, Tom meets Sam’s parents who really like him. Sam’s father is concerned about Sam’s career path that seems uncertain. Sam isn’t happy when Tom agrees, and wants to go back to the hotel.

Bombshell number two: Dev and Ivy? Who would have thought? But both heartbroken and drunk couldn’t have led to something excusable.

With just two episodes of Smash left, next week a tragic incident becomes someone’s chance of a lifetime. Tune in Monday night on NBC at 10/9c to see who’s going to survive the previews and who’s not.

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