SMH: Sex Robot Love Will Bloom in the Future (Video)

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The Sydney Morning Herald claims that not only will a sex robot eliminate the horrors of the prostitution industry, it will also be a good way for nerds to find love.

Although the theory of animatronic prostitutes has been around for decades, the technology to create a simulated human for purposes of sexual gratification and a kinder, gentler solution for the sex tourism trade, is stepping up and will likely be a reality by the year 2050.

SMH posits the benefits of such a creation, namely providing guilt-free sexual encounters and preventing diseases like herpes all the way up to HIV.

But their editorial piece takes the theme one step further and makes the claim that a sex robot will one day ensure everyone will find the perfect mate.

What’s the basis for this idea?

According to SMH, “Many of our social interactions have been reduced to the barebones transfer of information via various online media: text messages, emails, shared videos and pictures, status updates, and, uh, pokes.”

According to this reasoning, advanced societies are already feeling the pinch of degraded social interaction because of the way conversation is being relegated to the digital realm, making all tech users “nerds” by default.

So, naturally, the need for entities which don’t care for more meaningful, stimulating and plain, old-fashioned relationships will be answered perfectly by androids built for basically one purpose.

That makes it a scary future.

Here’s what Mashable has to say about the future of cyber love:

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