Smile Singer Tragically Loses Son At Six Months Gestation

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Lily Allen unfortunately has lost another pregnancy, this time at six months gestation. Unfortunately for Lily, there were some early indicators that there could be trouble with this pregnancy. Back in September when she announced her pregnancy she had said she was living in fear over her bleeding and complications. The bleeding she had told reporters had lasted for a week and a half and prompted many scans to check up on the baby. Unfortunately, the fact that the pregnancy continued was no promise that the baby would arrive safely.

Reports are in that the “Smile” singer Lost her baby to preterm labor. “It is with great sadness that we have to confirm that Lily Allen and Sam Cooper have lost their baby,” her rep tells US Magazine. “The couple ask that their privacy be respected and that they be left alone at this deeply distressing time. No further comment will be made,”he added.

We can’t imagine the heartbreak that Lily is feeling at this moment. Losing one child is hard enough, but a second, and so close to the due date is even more shocking. Lily said that after her first miscarriage she had to be sent to ‘the nuthouse‘ to help cope with the loss.

The only mild silver lining here is that since this is the second loss, perhaps she will know what went wrong. Many doctors won’t find out the cause of a loss unless you’ve had at least two of them. Once a cause is identified she can then hopefully be on the path to a full term pregnancy.

Just a couple days ago it was reported that Lily was sick with a viral infection and had to cancel a show at Elton John’s charity ball due to it. It makes one wonder if this had anything to do with the stomach cramps that had sent her to the hospital the night she lost her son.

As a expectant mother, the thought of losing a baby is one of the scariest things you’ll encounter in those 40 weeks that baby is growing. Hopefully Lily will never know what this feels like again. Lily has said that being a mom is “ultimately my main goal.” Best wishes to her for a happy and healthy child in the near future.

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